Zach Both: Converted Cargo Van

Zach Both is a director, photographer and designer who was featured in Slate Magazine recently with his pretty incredible cargo van conversion. He bought the van for a few thousand, and has done what many people before him have done, converting it into a pretty cool living space.

Pretty amazingly he’s managed to create a sense of space and light that is often missing from conversions like this – with a proper space to work, a very comfortable looking bed and lots of clean, contemporary fittings. I especially love the blackboards that fold out. Ideas boards, shutters and windows all in one. Brilliant.

View his website here and check out his work.

If these pictures don’t inspire you enough, have a look at ‘The Vanual‘ that Zach has created that will take you through his steps, and give you some indication on how to complete a similar project yourself.




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