Why the Fact Citroen are Making the E-Mehari is a Very Good Thing

Citroen have recently announced that, from next Spring, that Cactus M concept that we saw at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show will be sold as the E-Mehari – in a retro, as French-as-you-can-get nod towards the beach buggy that last graced Citroen’s range in 1968. Sadly, the car won’t be sold here in the UK, but here are a few reasons it put a smile on my face to see it return.

Here are some reasons that I’m very happy to see the return of this car.

You can hose it down

Yes, that’s right, everything is waterproof, and you can hose the entire thing down. Which pretty much means you can not worry

about a thing. Yes, it does also come with sides and a clip on roof, so even if you get caught in a downpour you’ll not really care. You’ll be having too much fun, right?

It doesn’t take itself too seriously

This is a car that very much knows its place in life, and there’s something quite nice about that. It’s a fun, recreational vehicle that can be used in the way these sort of cars should be. As a fun beach buggy, you really can imagine piling in with your mates and trekking down to be beach and driving on to the sand. It’s also made out of thermoplastic, so it’ll never rust or be a real issue if you ding stuff.

But it does take its electric power seriously

Fully electric, the E-Mehari doesn’t exactly boast the greatest spec or shout about how many advancements in technology it has pioneered, but it does take its electric power seriously and really, it carries it off pretty well. I can’t imagine a car like this being powered by anything else. It’ll fully recharge in 8 hours using a normal socket, too.

It’s just plain useful

It’s quite nice to see a car going into production that doesn’t really worry about doing anything other than being fun, useful, cheap and easy to maintain. It’s just what a buggy, outdoor adventure style machine should be, and it should appeal to a wide cross section of society, from hotel owners to regular beach goers.

How very egalitarian.

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