The True Cost of Running an Alfa Romeo 156

So the time has come for me to once again plough some money into my Alfa Romeo.

Yawn, heard this story before, I hear you say. “What did you expect when you bought an Alfa,” I hear the cries….

A few months ago the cam-belt needed doing, I’ve got issues in my wishbones, my track-rods, my radiator’s corroded to hell and I need to change the discs and pads. No way I can afford that all in one go.

But, I will stick up for the Alfa, in that it persuades the mechanic in me to rear its head. Not having any money to spend on it means that I am going to at least attempt to do a fair amount of the work myself. Changing the pads shouldn’t be too much of a problem, and my next port of call after that will be to change the oil and give the engine a bit of a new lease of life….filters, coils and all.

I’ll then put some Redex in the tank (if you’re wondering if it’s any good – probably not – but here’s some advice) and clean the injectors and see if I can get rid of the slight misfire that we’re experiencing.

I also need to get a new key and programme that to work the alarm. I also need to be able to open the boot from the outside!

Kind of writing all the issues down now so I can refer back to it and keep track….

Even with the problems, the JTS engine is still working remarkably well – pulls fantastically and is good fun to drive. The interior is also lovely – comfy seats and stylish revamped interior seeing as I have a 2003 model. I’d recommend an Alfa to anyone for the smile it puts on your face…just expect to keep one hand in your pocket…

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