8 Cars to Buy For Under £1000 This Summer

We all know the feeling. The weather’s warming up, day’s out and trips away are becoming a viable option, and you feel like letting your hair down and looking at some fun hassle free drives for the summer.

Summer is a great time to buy a car. People feel like there’s for once some spare money to do what you want with, and the lengthy evenings mean you should be able to get out driving after work. Here are 10 cars to buy for under £1000 this summer.

Citroen AX

This example looks particularly tidy on eBay

I defy you to buy a cheap Citroen AX and not want to chuck a load of camping equipment in the back, grab a couple of mates and head off to a field somewhere to soak up the summer evening’s rays. There’s something juvenile but also innocent and wonderful about the AX, and this should be reflected in the way you use it over the summer. Don’t expect to have to pay much more than about £400 for a runabout with tax and ticket.

Peugeot 306 Cabriolet

Want some drop top action on a budget? Fear not. The Pug 306 Cabriolet is the perfect answer for this summer. Nobody can argue that although the original 306 is more than a bit long in the tooth, it was built on an excellent platform and has some brilliant engines. You get leather seats, quite a bit of spec and a great chassis for little more than £500 or so. What’s not to like?

Saab 93 Convertible

Creative Commons / Flickr

If maintenance and running costs weren’t an issue, the Saab 93 Convertible would be the car I’d go for every time for the summer. Safety, luxury and style in abundance, this would be an excellent ride for the summer and could transport you in absolute class. Watch out for the drinkers though – the 2.8 is best avoided as although you can pick one up for peanuts, it’ll leave a permanent mark on your wallet.

Peugeot 205

Photo: Need for Tire

In the same way the Citroen AX just makes you want to go and chuck it around a field in the summer, the Peugeot 205 appeals to the same sense of DIY’ness. Easily fixable and cheap to run – and if you’re only running it during the summer you can treat it pretty much how you want. Throw a few mates in the back and have fun (but do think about holding on to the little Pug – 205’s are going to get a lot rarer very soon)

1990s Mazda MX5

A old fashioned MX5 doesn’t go for much these days, but they still provide as much fun as you’re likely to get in the summer in the UK. Sitting a few inches off the ground with no power steering, power brakes or electric windows for a few hundred quid sounds like a good way to spend the summer to us.

Evo Magazine have this excellent buying guide if you fancy one.

Alfa Romeo 156

This is a great choice, but as I own one myself I guess I would say that. If you choose one with tax and an MOT, as these will inevitably be the expensive bits, you can get some great Italian motoring in over summer and get the opportunity to drive an Alfa. The 2.0 JTS has 165bhp too, and the chassis and handling is fantastic.

Audi 80 Cabriolet

Photo: BetterParts

Another slight shot in the dark here, but if you get a good one, you could own a piece of proper old fashioned Audi fun. A bit of work on this example on eBay could see you grabbing a fantastic example for pennies

Peugeot 206 CC

The second Pug on this list, and one that I must admit I am quite fond of. It might have a slightly girly image, but don’t let this put you off. The 206 was a great car, and the folding hardtop version (especially the 2.0 litre engine version) just added a little bit more fun. Here’s a great 1.6 edition for under a grand.

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