Getting Outside in Winter with Range Rover and #Hibernot

It goes without saying that people will be familiar with the fact that Land Rover has huge outdoor pedigree no matter what season you’re driving in. For years, in fields and on farms up and down the country, crusty old Land Rovers have been the four-wheeled companions of choice. Aspiring to this rather impressive heritage, the #Hibernot campaign by Range Rover promotes the fact that we all need to make the most of the ‘Great British winter,’ and make more of heading outside in bad weather. No more moaning about grey days, #Hibernot promotes embracing winter and sharing a collective love of adventure.

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On the Hibernot website, Land Rover suggests 321 adventures to go on in winter. The brand means business – promoting a ‘weekend explorer’ lifestyle that can take you to the edge of the country and back. It was in this spirit we were invited to the southeast, and an isolated piece of countryside for a ‘secret winter event,’

The low lying glare lit up the Sussex countryside as we made our way to #Hibernot in the winter frost that refused to thaw. The Range Rover ate up the miles, producing impressive mpg figures at a steady cruise and monitoring the climate control inside the cabin to such a degree that our little cocoon sped the journey up immensely.

As it turned out, our event was to be a thoroughly culinary affair. One of Britain’s leading chefs, Simon Rogan, set about producing a menu for us inspired by the surrounding winter landscape. Echoing our Range Rover’s ability to cope with any territory around it, the chefs did a superb job in making Michelin-starred food at ‘Britain’s most remote drive-through.’



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Being above the traffic and in our own little world in the Range Rover, the journey to our remote drive-through and through its surrounding countryside had been impressive, the car’s dynamic response providing roll compensation and ideal comfort for a weekend jaunt such as this. Maybe this winter off-roading is a piece of cake after-all. Handed a luxurious ‘drive-through’ picnic as we parked up, the bitter chill and stark sunshine reminded us that the British countryside has a lot to offer at this time of year.

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After eating delicious, seasonal food in rural Sussex, we were ready to head into the outdoors. We headed to a local campsite to put this #Hibernot business to the test, and make the most of the outdoors in admittedly rather off-putting temperatures. Finding the excellent Blackberry Wood Campsite, complete with Westland helicopter, London red bus and gypsy caravan welcome visitors, the evening was a stark contrast to the relative luxury of the day, but there was a sense that the Range Rover we’d been given for the weekend was loving it. The car might be an advertising executive’s dream, but outside the #Hibernot campaign, it’s still pretty much the most capable luxury off-road car out there.

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The Range Rover was the perfect companion for our weekend, having huge amounts of storage space for our camping gear and providing a warm, comfortable sanctuary on the drive home when the cold had taken its toll. The ethos of #Hibernot is a good one, and one that we are pretty sure we made the most of.

Read more on chef Simon Rogan and his winter ethos.

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