5 Inspirational Overland Journeys

Hitting the open road and travelling is a joy and privilege, and often it is also the moments I’m happiest. A car gives you freedom to explore and adventure, and it also gives you the opportunity to see parts of the world and places you couldn’t if you’re proverbially airport-hopping.

In this piece, I run through some epic, insane car journeys that have inspired me to go further and do more when it comes to driving.

Dragoman – Journey by Truck

Overlanding is big business, especially in the more remote places of Africa, Asia and South America. Join Dragoman Travel on a number of epic adventures that span continents.


The Original Banger Rally – The Dakar Challenge

“In December 2002, the first group of hopeful souls left the UK in a motley collection of vehicles, optimistically believing that Julian Nowill knew what he was doing, and had substance and experience behind his words. Despite later finding out to the contrary, this first event was a great success and most of the 42 Teams even made it to Banjul. This Challenge is now in it’s 14th year!”

View the Dakar Challenge on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DakarChallenge/

The Dakar Challenge, and in particular their Banjul Challenge, has always appealed to me. Spend as little amount of money as you can on a car, and then drive. Make friends along the way, and camp in spectacular places. Have a look at their routes here: http://www.dakarchallenge.co.uk/our-rallys/


Norwegian Fjords

You can travel to Norway by ferry, taking your car and driving along some of the most spectacular fjords in Europe. Visit Fjord Line for more information. Ferry to Bergen, and then start north along the wonderfully straight but epic 1130 miles to Tromso.


Wild Bus Tours – Denali National Park, Alaksa

A number of roads and routes in the Denali National Park are open to buses, which means you can tour into this great wilderness overland whilst spotting the huge variety of landscapes, nature and wildlife on offer. The only real road in the park runs along the Alaska Range and offers spectacular views.


Guided 4×4 Rental

Renting an off-roader in a wild location is a must at some point in your life, really. If you’re visiting said wild locations, it makes sense to use the locals’ knowledge and have a guided 4×4 tour. You will get to see a long more of the country, and potentially travel on some far more exciting roads than you would get to otherwise.

Waypoint Tours are a good place to start. Their tours range from the relatively easy going to full on camping under the stars adventures.

Some of these caught your attention? Have a look at my article on 10 Driving Adventures to Have in 2016 for more!



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