[Sponsored Video] New Scania Smartwatch Apps Focus On Driver’s Health and Safety

It has always been important for commercial drivers, and the manufacturers behind some of the world’s most successful commercial vehicles, to be at the forefront of health and safety technology. As we consistently move ever increasing amounts of stuff, the pressure on our drivers and those who take to our roads reaches an all time high. There is now a new emphasis on using the latest technology to help our road users stay safe.
Scandinavian firm Scania have developed a range of apps and special edition Apple Watches, with custom straps, to help commercial drivers stay abreast of their health and at peak levels of fitness throughout their time at the wheel. The smartwatches have been specifically designed with the kind of work drivers tend to do day in and day out…ie. long periods of sitting, followed by intense periods of physical activity, lifting and labour. Long hours that are hard on the body, in other words…

“We’ve always had drivers’ needs as the main focal point for our product and service development, but the Scania Edition takes things a step further. We believe the new watch can be a friend to the driver and help them as they go about their daily routine,” says Jonas Svanholm, Scania’s Director of Digital Business.

There is also an optional accessory to go with the watch, and this comes in the shape of a cast iron strap forged from the block of an old LB 140 V8 engine. This is possibly one of the world’s most important engines, having been put in thousands of commercial and heavy-hauling vehicles around the world since 1969. If it wasn’t for this engine, much of the world as we know it today would never have been built….


View the video for more information.

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