Vauxhall Adam Rocks – First Thoughts

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I spent yesterday evening playing around with the Adam Rocks – my press car for the week. I’ve driven and reviewed the ‘normal’ Adam before, but I’ve been looking forward to this one. The promise of more power and some high spec kit is worth getting excited about, right?

First impressions have been really positive. It took everything I threw at it today – which ranged from stop start traffic to ice and snow on Cornwall’s country roads. And when I mean country, I mean country. The coast road from St. Ives to St. Just, to be precise – in the sun, with the fabric roof open, it was the perfect place for a blast on Tuesday morning. But more on that in the full review coming soon.

The only little niggle so far was the slightly rough ride on the bumpy stuff….but we’ll see how that develops and whether it gets to me as time goes on.

But, so far, so good. The engine is lovely, with a good range in all gears. The little 3 pot is I think the best engine I’ve driven in a long, long time.

Heated seats are a real plus in January, too…

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