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The New Nissan Qashqai – Review

‘This is an important car for Nissan,’ David Jackson, Communications Director of Nissan UK starts his presentation with at the launch of the new Nissan Qashqai. There’s a collective feeling in the room... READ MORE

Vauxhall ADAM S Review

Aimed fairly squarely at a market that’s seen a rise in popularity of late – tackling the Mini Cooper and the Arbath 500, the ADAM S gives Vauxhall’s smallest car a bit of... READ MORE

10 Car Bloggers You Need to Follow

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In the UK, the car blogging scene is thriving. With UK car output at record levels there’s a lot to talk about – this country has its fair share of fantastically talented writers and journalists – and from a country … Continued

Welcome to Car Scribbler

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The Car Sribbler celebrates the art of driving. It celebrates the thoughts, emotions and feelings of a car fantatic and will hopefully impart some knowledge and interest along the way. Visit us on Twitter @CarSribbler I’ll look forward to it!

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