10 Car Bloggers You Need to Follow

In the UK, the car blogging scene is thriving. With UK car output at record levels there’s a lot to talk about – this country has its fair share of fantastically talented writers and journalists – and from a country that invented motor journalism, there’s a lot to be proud of when it comes to who says what about the latest trends in the car world.

I thought I’d kick off this blog by looking at 10 of my favourite car sites – not to mention the talented and well respected personalities behind them. They are predominantly my inspiration for setting this blog up – so a thank you must be paid to the talent and expertise out there!

Petrolicious – @Petrolicious

You only have to take one look at the Petrolicious home page to know this isn’t your ordinary car blog. Specialising in bespoke video creation – they take ultra rare and perfectly crafted and looked after cars before filming them beautifully and adding a story and a narrative behind each one. Worth a look

SpeedMonkey – @SpeedMonkeyCoUk

Speed Monkey is an excellent resource with well written, concise and excellently put together articles about the cars people want to know about. Fantastic precence on Twitter, too.

PetrolBlog – @PetrolBlog

The Petrol Blog is another curved ball when it comes to car blogs – a ‘different spin’ on what most people do and definitely worth some of your time. This blog focuses on the quirky and alternative car market from the 1970s onwards, and uncovers some fantastic treasures from the depths of memory and imagination.

MSN Cars – @MSNCars

As editor, Tim Pollard over at MSN Cars has created an enviable site with a huge wealth of information. Although it’s vast, hugely content driven and funded by Microsoft, it’s more than worth a mention in this list for being about as comprehensive as it gets.

Honest John – @_HonestJohn

For car lovers, Honest John needs no introduction. It’s a motoring staple, and is likely to have a readership that could make most print magazines’ eyes water. It has a number of excellent little tools and facilities, and should be a go-to guide for those interesting in buying a new or used car. It’s forum is excellent, and little tips and maintenance and MOT’s and the like are second to none.

EVO Magazine – @EvoMagazine

Evo Magazine have succesfully done online what they do in print, and transferred excellent car news, reviews and articles on to a well designed and easy to read site. The first issue was printed in November 1998, and the online issues don’t disappoint – with car data, buying guides and track day offers in abundance.

Car Witter – @Car_Witter

Car Witter is the work of a group of excellent feature writers with a no-nonsense approach to car reviews. Dedicated, honest and knowledgeable, they provide an interesting take on a range of cars from budget buys to ludicrous luxuries.

XCar – @XCarOfficial

Although Alex and the team at XCar have been absorbed into the excellent CNet Reviews – the videos are the main reason for investing in this site. They provide meticulously shot and wonderfully produced videos of a range of models. Described as a home for anyone with a love of cars, it’s well worth a moment or two of your time

Driver Vibe – @DriverVibe

One thing that hits you about Driver Vibe is that there is little or no press photography. It’s an honest, down to earth blog with a real eye for the things that matter to the normal driver. Great reviews based on real world driving – a refreshing addition to the car blogosphere.

Car Throttle – @CarThrottle

A relative new kid of the block when it comes to big, mainstream car blogs – but one that has been making a huge impression since it has been released. Spotting a gap in the market for a young, socially orientated car blog, Car Throttle has been launched to huge praise from the industry. Reviews, news, humour and Buzzfeed style lists add to the huge depth of content.

For example: This Hilarious Volvo 240 Regular Car Review Will Make Your Inner Hipster Rejoice 

So there we have it. 10 car blogs which have, over the years, made a huge impression on me.

Thanks guys – and here’s to a crappy try hard joining the party 🙂

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