The Toyota Camry Returns to Europe as a Hybrid

The Toyota Camry is back! Toyota have announced that the car will return to the UK market after a 14 year absence and will available in 2019.

It is intended to be a new self-charging hybrid electric model, maintaining the company’s presence in the large and executive saloon market when it comes to EV and hybrid vehicles. Poor sales of the Toyota Avensis has probably hastened the move, as this car will replace that outgoing model at the same time as the Toyota plant in Derby setting itself up to make the new Auris.

New Toyota Camry with Hybrid Engine Launches in the UK in 2019

We’re being promised segment-leading quality, durability and reliability, quiet running and superb ride quality. To this are added head-turning interior and exterior design, even higher comfort levels, a state-of-the-art powertrain and more driving pleasure, thanks to ride and handling specifically tuned for the European market.

Its arrival during 2019 will increase Toyota’s European hybrid line-up to eight models, spanning the motoring spectrum from the Yaris supermini to the RAV4 SUV.

If this news has sparked your interest on what else with the Camry name is available, a quick search on eBay might raise your eyebrows. Some lovely specced, cheapish previous generation comfort barges here.

toyota camry returns to the uk

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