The Lamborghini Asterion Hybrid Concept – A Car We’ll All want

Feast your eyes on this.

No matter what you think of Lambo, or their owners, there’s no getting away from how gorgeous this car looks. I’m a massive fan of the colour too – and I think if this works as well as it could do as a plug-in hybrid (yes, you read that right) then we could be looking at the next ground-breaking car from the Italian manufacturer.

Although this is a plug-in, we’re still looking at 900bhp. I mean, Lambo couldn’t really be left behind in this race – Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren already have hybrid hypercars….and because there’s no such thing as range anxiety, it appeals to those who want a little bit more juice from their engine as well as the confidence of excellent fuel consumptions figures. It’s also great for the car makers, as it fits their cars nicely into mandated efficiency and CO2 level requirements.

I think this is a ‘watch this space’ moment!

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