Why I Bought a Citroen ZX 1.9D

Why I Bought a Citroen ZX 1.9D

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Ah, the Citroen ZX. A halfway house between truly great French innovation and purely mundane, Gallic dross of the early 2000s. An interesting car, one that I’ve had my eye on for a while, and one that constantly surprises me by how it balances lightweight French handling and comfort with an increasing amount of desirability.

Howmanyleft suggest that the disappearance of the Citroen ZX is gathering pace. I bought a 1.9 non-turbo diesel, admittedly one of the most proliferous, but still a car that registers as an occasion if one drives past. Obviously, numbers are likely to continue to decline. Unless it is a Volcane or a 16v, the ZX hasn’t reached anything like modern classic status yet and still hovers in bangerdom. I have a feeling that will, and deserves to, change.

Not that I’m ashamed to buy a slightly tatty 1997 diesel. Not in the slightest. It has done 97,000 miles, the interior is spotless and it only needs some new plastic on the wheels and a service to be completely happy pootling around for a lot longer yet. Classic XUD9, with a titly/slidy sunroof, working electric windows and comfy velour to add bang to the buck.

It does ride beautifully well. Not exactly floaty, but somewhere far further down the scale of magic carpet than a lot of modern cars. The squishy seats, novel radio/cassette straight out of 1992 and remarkably well placed cup-holder helps.

The ZX was in the category of ‘beginning to be something I’d like,’ and it was like that for a while, but I genuinely think that’s changing as they’re getting rarer and I’m glad I bought one now. Yes, it’ll need a little ‘refresh’ and the bodywork is hardly pristine, but it’s nice to have found a sub-100k version with some go in it.

I love it in terms of the styling too. Even the 1.9D looks almost 16v-esque, with lovely fogs and a single wiper adding to the sleek lines and attractive stance.

Next step – find some new seals for the sunroof, open it up, enjoy the sunshine and hopefully simple and relatively economical motoring for the summer.

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  1. Paul Stanton

    Great cars these…….always seemed to be in the shadow of the Peugeot 306 (with which the ZX shared parts and underpinnings) Those XUD engines can do great mileages! I will shortly be purchasing a similar age ZX as Ive fancied one for a while! Keep us updated on your progress with her!

  2. carscribbler

    Great stuff Paul, did you manage to get hold of one? They’re fantastic engines – I haven’t done much to her except smartened up a bit with some wheel trims and the like. She’s only of 105,000. Lots of life left!

  3. Hi Paul, excellent, welcome to zx family! My beloved N reg beast has done 189,000 miles and still drives lovely. This year though my sunroof (I think) has been letting too much water in when it rains heavily – which is everyday here in Cornwall. The sun roof hasn’t worked since I’ve had the car for the last 12 years, so I tried to seal it with silicone! I’ve just learnt all about drain holes and I’m going to investigate these and try to clean them out. Do you have any advice?

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