Classic Trader – The Insider’s Guide to Investing in Classic Cars

We all have that hankering for a car that’ll return a profit. A car that will be an investment, and one that you can be safe knowing you can use it, look after it, cherish it and that it’ll return a tidy profit once it’s time to part ways.

Sadly, it is getting harder to know quite how to go about choosing the right car for this. Either the most desirable cars and getting far too expensive, or you end up risking far more than it’s worth putting your bank account on the line to take a punt on a ‘future classic.’


Luckily, help is on hand. There are a number of experts out there in this field that can assist in measuring and predicting where the market is heading. The guys at Classic Trader are specialists in this on the European market, providing a platform for sellers to advertise their classics internationally with a high degree of honesty, transparency and integrity that selling on a worldwide basis requires.

They have produced this excellent Insider’s Guide to Investing in Classic Cars (below), which gives some indication on where a number of cars are going to go price wise in the next few years. They’ve reached their conclusions with the help of a number of experts who have a huge amount of experience in this area. There’s a comprehensive list here and it tracks the financial movement of the top indiovidual classic cars which have recorded the biggest shifts in value over the last six years. It is very interesting reading.

Visit Classic Cars for more information on investing in classic cars.

Classic car blue chips –

Complete list with oldtimer growth values –

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