8 dream cars for the sunny season

We all have them. The dream drives that would make anyone smile on one of those gentle breeze sunny days. With the sun out it feels like there are more hours in the day, and more reasons to take some time out to envisage driving your favourite road in your dream car. The list goes on, but here are my dream cars for a sunny day.
Alfa Romeo GTA
This Alfa just looks sunny. It’s scampering, bright eyed and ridiculously lightweight – perfect for dry days with plenty of grip if you’re feeling adventurous with your right foot. When the GTA came out in 1965, Alfa Romeo were very active in the racing scene, and the Corsa variant 

Citroen 2CV

There’s nothing quite like a 2CV to put a smile on your face in the sun. Beaten panels, faded roofs, ropes and twine keeping the thing together and your surfboards on the top. What’s not to love?
Triumph Stag
Hear me out on this one – despite its many, many problems largely inherited from British Leyland, the Triumph Stag is still a fantastic looking car and is guaranteed to turn heads throughout the summer in the UK.
Fiat Barchetta

A cute little European roadster, the Fiat Barchetta is a great looking car but you won’t see many around. They were only built in left hand drive, but based on the Punto they’re super easy to look after and ridiculously reliable. 

Triumph TR4

As far as sports cars go, the reality is the Triumph TR4 is a bit of a brute and finding a good example this side of £20,000 would be a real push. There are lots of good restoration projects available however, and some American imports would be worth looking for. Always wanted to get my hands on one for restoration. One day…

Jaguar XKSS
Quite easy one of the most beautiful cars out there – as far as swoopy sports cars from the golden era of travel and adventure go, this has got to be up there. It’s the road version of the racing D-Type (albeit not hugely different), and due to the enormous success of the lightweight versions of the E-Type Jaguar have sold recently, they’re planning on making the 9 chassis that were lost in the Browns Lane fire to original XKSS specification. Wonderful news, if you have a million going spare.

Renault 4
I’m sure we’ve all been tempted by the baguette-carrying wonder-wagon that is the Renault 4. It’s a sublimely appealing car for the summer with its barefoot, carefree, getting the job done attitude towards life. Prices are almost certainly taking a sharp turn to the sky, but there are still some nice rolling restoration projects out there and if you find one without much rust and some hay in it, you’re on to a winner.

Citroen CX
If you’re looking for a comfortable summer cruise, I don’t think there could be anything more enjoyable than coasting (read: wafting) through pastoral France on the magic carpet that is the Citroen CX. Pure luxury, 1970s lilac shirt style.

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